MATCHBOOK COLLECTING – Just for the Fun of It

The coronavirus pandemic has reduced travel as well as everyday things we do such as dining out. While we are aware of a few places that have decided to close permanently, hopefully, we will continue to be able to find places that have matchbooks or matchboxes with their names and that matchbooktraveler can still be a guide for collectors.

Remember – Matchbooks not out for the taking? Be sure to ask if the place has matchbooks with its name.

On this page are states, provinces, and countries showing places we are aware of that have matchbooks or matchboxes (whether with matches, notepaper, toothpicks, or mints) with their names.

If you know of additional places that have matchbooks with their names on them, whether from your travels or from the area where you live, please send us an email (to jxw22000 at with their names and addresses. We would be glad to list them on this site.

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Here are monthly updates about restaurants with matches (and hotels, too):

In June 2022, it was a good but late start to the month given that matches were found in Queensbury, New York, at Queensbury Cigar & Pipe plus Carne Mare and Chinese Tuxedo in New York City.

May 2022  finally started with matches in BrainerdMinnesota, at Cragun’s Resort.

For April 2022, matches started with New York CityNew York, with matches at: Crompton Ale House, Peter McManus Cafe, Pretty Ricky’s, Snapper Creek, TAO, and The Tippler while, in Albany, Edleez Tobacco has matches and. in Rochester, Trata has matches, too. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, bartaco has matches. In Boston, Massachusetts, matches have been found at Bar Barcelona, Black Lamb, The Sevens, and Bar Volpe.

ChicagoIllinois, began March 2022 with matches at Good Measure. In Arlington, Virginia, Los Tios Grill has matches with its name as does Siren Hotel, Candy Bar, and Karl’s in Detroit, Michigan. In AustinTexas, matches have been found at Cafe No Se, Elizabeth Street Cafe, Hotel San Jose, June’s All Day, Peacock at the Austin Proper Hotel, Perla’s, and Suerte.

With February 2022, matches have been found in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, at Franky Bradley’s. In New Orleans, Louisiana, Pascal’s Manale, Smoke on the Water Cigars, and Superior Seafood and Oyster Bars all have matches with their names. Also, Satellite Wine Bar in Santa Barbara, California, has matches, too.

It is a new month — January 2022 — and matches have been found in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania, at Fado. In Northville, Michigan, Northside Cigar Lounge has matches with its name and, in Chicago, Illinois, Marquee Lounge and The Vig Chicago have matches, too.

December 2021 started quickly with matches in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, at Parx Casino, followed by matches at Ned’s Cigar Store in Newtown and Poco’s in Doylestown. In Hamilton, Ontario, Motel Restaurant has matches with its name and in New York City, New York, Cafe Luxembourg has matches, too.  In Chicago, Illinois, Hugo’s Frog Bar has matches.

November 2021 has started with matches at Up in Smoke, Flemington, New Jersey,

In Michigan, Tobacco Shoppe in Battle Creek and Greyline Brewing and Noco Provisions in Grand Rapids all have matches with their names. EZ Inn and Phodega in Chicago, Illinois, both have matches with their names as does Semi Tropic Wines in Costa Mesa, California.

 Our thanks to the bulletins of the Empire Matchcover Club and Liberty Bell Matchcover Club for printing articles mentioning places that have matchbooks or matchboxes with their names.