Matchbook Traveler

New York City May 2015

I always enjoy Memorial Day weekend as it is time to get together with friends for another Sunday afternoon matchbook hunt in New York City. This year we spent our time south of 14th Street.

They got a head start on me and visited Public (box), Gato (box), and Grand Café Lafayette (box) before I arrived in the city.  We met at Acme (30-strike book) where they were just finishing the first course to lunch (we use the approach of appetizers one place, salad another, soup another, etc.).  To continue lunch, we stopped at Carbone (box) but no lunch on Saturday and Minetta Tavern (box) which had just stopped serving lunch.  We ended up for very good pizza at Arturo’s on Houston Street.  After a quick stop at The Dutch (box), it was time for liquid refreshment at Navy (box).

After another quick stop at Aqua Grill (multi-color 30-strike book), we went to the Morrison Hotel (30-strike book).  This is the hotel where the Doors stayed when playing in NYC.  The second floor is now an art gallery.  I found a Buffalo Springfield T-shirt that I wouldn’t find anywhere else.  From there, we headed to Il Mulino for a glass of proseco (box and toothpicks) before a final stop, for me, at La Perla (box), for something light to eat before boarding the train to return home.

Of course, throughout the afternoon there were good views of the Freedom Tower from many vantage points.  Another good afternoon in New York City for matchbooks, matchboxes, and toothpicks -- which can be viewed on Facebook at

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