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Books About Matchbooks - here is a link to the page for a new book -- The Rancho Mirage Matchbook Company: A Quirky History Book (Third Edition) -- by Leo Mallette; looks like an interesting read about matchbooks

Links to Other Sites You Might Find Interesting
- the site of the Rathkamp Matchcover Society, the national club for collectors - excellent reference site for collectors - just as the title says; enjoy - terrific page showing some of the best matchboxes and matchbooks from New York City - nice article about feature matchbooks - long-time favorite website showcasing matchbooks from the days when they were more "ubiquitous" - excellent site including scans of many Los Angeles matchbooks and matchboxes - enjoyed browsing through old Duluth, Minnesota, matchbooks (and a few recent ones, too) - just as the blog title says -- a look back at old Buffalo by way of matchbooks - lots and lots of old matchbooks and matchboxes from Detroit - excellent website featuring the extensive worldwide collection of a well-known collector - good article emphasizing why matchbooks are still important - article about matchbooks and matchboxes from gay bars in the Los Angeles area on display at the library -- a worthwhile read regardless whether one is straight or gay
- great news story about Jax Café in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its personalized matchbooks - Universal Creative Concepts, the successor to famed Universal Match - pretty good article about matchbooks in today's world - article from someone who is sorry she threw away the matchbooks she collected

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